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About Us

In May 2023 Indi Row 23 will set out from Geraldton, Western Australia to row unsupported across the Indian Ocean to raise awareness for Parkinson's Disease.  The gruelling crossing will push the team to their limits mentally and physically.  They will face hunger, sores and blisters, sleep deprivation and constantly run the risk of capsize from the huge seas they will encounter, it will be a tough one! 

The total distance is approximately 3,200 nautical miles, and will take around 70 days to complete, only 60 people have successfully rowed across the Indian Ocean.  Their 29ft boat will be their sanctuary for the duration of the crossing.  They will eat, sleep and row on the boat. A grueling routine of 2 hours on 2 off rowing will be norm for most part, only stopping for poor weather. 

They will be equipped with satellite communications, a life raft and EPIRB (Emergency positioning radio beacon) for emergency situations. 

Our Mission

We are making it our mission to reach as many people as we can to raise awareness of Parkinson's Disease.  To do this we are also teaming up with Shake it Up Australia.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive, degenerative neurological condition that affects a person’s control of their body movements. In Australia, it affects 100,000 people with 38 people being diagnosed every day.

It is important to note that not everyone will experience the same symptoms, and the order in which symptoms appear and the way symptoms progress also varies from person to person. Parkinson’s is a very individual condition, with each person experiencing different symptoms. Additionally, non-motor symptoms such as sleep disturbance, constipation and loss of sense of smell can pre-date the motor symptoms, such as a tremor, slowness of movement or rigidity, by up to a decade.

Parkinson’s results from the loss of cells in various parts of the brain, including a region called the substantia nigra. When dopamine production is depleted, the motor system nerves are unable to control movement and coordination. The dopamine producing cells are lost over a period of years and the motor type symptoms such as tremor, rigidity etc. will start to appear.

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