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Bad weather slows progress

We have had a good run so far, and you may be wondering why we have now slowed and even gone backwards!

Unfortunately, the wind changed to Northwest then West, at the same time we hit current running from North to South, we have tried rowing, but had to resort to the para anchor to slow our loses Southeast.

I doubt anyone is gutted more than we are, as a Mauritius arrival in a good time looked on the cards, it may still be, so we have to be positive and hope this weather moves quickly past us. Onwards and upwards as we cannot control the weather.

The rest is good for the crew at the very least. After over 5 weeks at sea the aches, pains and ailments are prevalent, but we are turbo keen to be rowing again to get home to our loved ones. It also gives us some time for doing some chores around the boat, such as counting how much food we have left (tons!), how many wet wipes (sufficient) and doing some washing whilst we have good sun cover.

We are making water early today to give the batteries a good chance of recharge, hopefully an enabler to using Starlink for a bit longer today.

Saw our first bit of wildlife yesterday, a huge tuna chasing a flying fish, it leapt from the water and caught the flying fish.


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