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Blog post - from Chris

Amazing that we have done over 40 days at sea, it certainly feels it too, Geraldton is a distant memory, but we are so close now to completing this epic journey to raise the profile of Parkinson's disease.

This journey began in July 2020, a chap called Billy Taylor fromMonkey Fist Adventures had shipped his 4-man ocean rowing boat to Australia in readiness for his crossing of the Indian Ocean to Africa scheduled for 2021, a first for a four man team.

Sadly it was not to be, COVID hit early 2020 and the borders were slammed shut, meaning no access for Billy and his team. I knew of Billys boat and that it was kept in Two Rocks, not far from my house. I had headed up with George Alexander to help cover it over for the winter.

Knowing that Billy could not get into Australia I jokingly suggested I could row it for him! Billy gladly accepted, it was mutually beneficial for us both. My previous row across the Atlantic was for Parkinson's Disease following the diagnosis of my Mother-in-Law. The Indian Ocean crossing was a no brainer, PD was the choice and I had a ready made boat, this opportunity was unlikely to come up again, or at least that's the way I sold it to my Wife!

So July 2020 Indi Row 23 was born, in the months after we had the initial team, website set up, we had secured some amazing sponsors, had started a charity called Brain Waves Foundation, dealt with some team members dropping out and got the boat to the startline with our newly formed team. The team really did come together at the late stages, but we have gelled together very well, we have a good team at sea.

With around 60% of the crossing complete we have overcome some treacherous weather, constant battles with confused seas, sleep deprivation and exhaustion. We are on the downhill run now, we are excited about getting into Mauritius.


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