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Chris Blog - Day 27

We are making good speed! The last 24 hours has been good, we have mostly been making a healthy 2 to 3 knots.

We are also just shy of a month at sea. It feels longer I think and leaving Geraldton seems like a distant memory. I spent many hours last night thinking of some of the simple things in life, like coffee and banana bread in Luna Soul cafe on Quinns Beach front. They make the best coffee and banana bread!

Thinking of some of the support we have had throughout this epic venture so far, we have had so much support locally and afar in other countries. Rarely have people turned away from helping in some way. So thankyou to everyone who has backed this venture. We are not too far off the halfway mark, a few hundred miles.

We have lots of chats onboard about how long we think it will take, and we all have different ways of looking at it. Some look at it shift by shift, just focusing on the next 2 hours. Some of look at by degrees and minutes of Longitude, Mauritius being at 57°, by doing this we also set goals, for example try to get so many minutes achieved heading West in our shift. Whichever way, there is no right and wrong, just a way to count down to the finish line. We are bonding well as a team and all very eager to reach the end. We are also confident and cannot believe it is the 7th of June already.

Finally I would like to thank, and give a shout out to Karen, Nils and Matt at the Lancelin Lodge, thx for your support, spreading the word and your kind donation.

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