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Chris Blog -Day 6 - 16 May 2023

After 6 days at sea we are getting into the flow and routine on board. The routine of 2 hours on 2 hours off is brutal, and always a challenge to wake up for your shifts through the night.

The adventure and sense of isolation is incredible, endless sunsets and sun rises, huge seas and starry night skies are abundant. Wildlife has been somewhat scarce, we saw a whale breaching on day 1, dolphins day 2 and an albatross that paid us a visit.

Day 5 was a bumper day in terms of distance covered, we estimate approximately 90 nautical miles, and our fastest speed was 10 knots down a wave, it was exillirating. We are working well as a team, we are resilient and in good spirits onboard too.

Our food is ace, provided by Radix and Campers Pantry, but most importantly our snack bags provided by our group of amazing friends is a great energy and morale boost in the early hours. Last night was most challenging, sea conditions were sizeable and confused, the deck was awash most of the night, and the without warning a dowsing of sea water just after waking up was all part of the experience!

When taking rest inside the cabin it was like trying to sleep inside a bucking bronco ride, with the sound of the auto pilot motor constantly correcting the course it sounded like robocop was inside the cabin with me!

The reason for doing this epic venture is of utmost importance, to raise the profile of Parkinson's Disease, and to raise money for PD research. There is no cure.

Please get behind us, like and share our story and donate if possible. We are aiming to raise at least $100,000 to support research.

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