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Chris blog update

We are pleased to be on the move again. Blessed with light, to no wind, we are at least able to row West towards our goal of Mauritius.

Since Wednesday whilst sitting on the dreaded para-anchor. We have been resting and recovering while the winds from the West halted our progress. Thankfully we didn't lose too much ground backwards (approx. 24Nm - Peter).

Morale is good onboard, with the team hopeful for some Easterly winds and current soon to help us move towards Mauritius a little quicker. It has taken us around 6 hours to row back to the Longitude we were at when we deployed the para-anchor on Wednesday.

Sometimes things happen for a reason, and who knows maybe it was to allow rest for the next phase and final push to the end. We are expecting light and variable winds, with some Easterly winds before blowing from the South-West over the next 5 days. Our strategy is to get as far West as possible in that time, thus lighter wind and hopefully picking up on some west running current around 77° E to mitigate the effect of the SW wind that is expected in 4 to 5 days' time.

Ben and I (Chris) are usually passing ships. We don't row together so only really have a passing conversation on shift change over or when cooking and conditions are fair enough to have the cabin door open. Having this time in the cabin has been pleasant to have conversation with each other.

Yesterday Alan and Steve had the chance for a swim, cleaned the bottom of the boat and took some relaxation. Ben and I will do the next swim and boat clean. I had expected more growth on the bottom, and perhaps with being more or less stationary for a few days some more growth had occurred, but it was none the less still light growth.

Onwards and upwards, we are on the move again.

With thanks to our silver sponsor CEA Technologies and Anne Crisp for facilitating the support.


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