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Chris Start of Week 3 Blog

Whoo whoop, just starting our third week at sea, and have a little over 2,200 nautical miles to go.

We have been making good progress the last couple of days as the weather has been great, however the seas have been huge, which makes living onboard a little more complicated. Using the thunderbox (toilet) on deck can become a bit of a saga when the waves are crashing on deck. We are rowing with the weather behind us, wind coming from the South East.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of doing an interview with Sky News, pre-recorded, using Starlink enabled us to make a zoom video call, it was great timing as the seas were huge yesterday.

Crew welfare is good onboard, albeit a few sores and Chris has some nasty sores on his backside, advice from our onshore Doctor (thanks Dr Ian Gawthorpe) recommended some meds and ointment, oh yeah and to keep it dry 😬, a bit of mission in this extreme hostile environment.

Finally, I would like to mention and thank Mark Carey, Mike Deeks and Chris Rowe from Blue Ocean Marine Tech. Mark your help on the boat steering was really helpful for us and the support during the Channel 7 news release with Tina was greatly appreciated.


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