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Crew are moving again after riding out 12hrs of rough weather

Updated: 6 days ago

Blog post from Allan:

"Day twelve on the Indian Ocean. Making progress again from 7am after 12 or so hours on the para anchor. Everything on board was soaked due to rain storms with high winds like I’d never seen so a welcome relief to row in sunshine and light winds from the south west. These winds aren’t helping but are due to shift to the SE tomorrow which will help the journey west and take us towards the correct latitude.

The past few days have been slow also because of currents not in our favour. This area is notoriously unpredictable I believe due to undersea mountains. A previous row team were stuck here for 7 days, one step forward and one back , fingers crossed the sea gods are allowing us an easier exit.

Moral is good on board and the lads finding their feet with the daily/ nightly routine. No significant injuries apart from blisters sore backs and sores on Chris’s backside.

All the systems on board are working well.

We were visiting yesterday by a sun fish, a shark like fish from what looks like prehistoric times . Today we had several unidentified large fish following us I guess looking for food, they were rewarded with some chunks of salami. We’ve not seen a boat / ship or a plane in days which makes this feel like a desolate place . We play music on deck and amuse each other with stories. I’ll sign off now as we row into the evening."

Regards to all Al

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