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Getting close!

The boys are getting close now and are just 58Nm away! We expect them to arrive around 5-6am tomorrow (9-10am Perth; 2-3am UK). It is still hard to know exact timings as whilst they are currently doing over 3 Knots as they approach the coast and navigate around the top of Mauritius the wind will be across them, so they are likely to slow. Countering that they may pick up the strong N-S current that runs down the coast of Mauritius! Who wants to be a pundit!

I have turned up the frequency of the tracker to 15min intervals and as they get to the final approach I will up this to 5min intervals. We have also requested that they turn on the Starlink and livestream from the boat on the IOR23 Facebook page. We will be filming from the shore.

Can't believe the journey is nearly over. We wish the crew safe passage and hope the rudder and rowlock hold for these last few hours!


Shore Support Crew

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