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Holed up in the cabin

If you have been following the tracker you will see that the crew have been unable to row for the last 48 hours due to unfavourable winds and current. On a positive note, the sun has been shining so they have plenty of power and been able to do some washing. They have also had a chance to rest and recover from injuries, especially the sores on their feet from being constantly wet. The frustration from being unable to row, seeing hard won miles lost and being restricted to their cabins is not easy mentally though.

On a positive note, donations continue to come in. We have now surpassed. 100 donors in the 100 Club and would also like to thank the congregation at Ocean Keys Baptist Church who have recently donated $3,000. The generosity of all our donors is much appreciated and is a real motivator for the crew when times are tough! Hopefully conditions improve soon, and they will be on the oars and powering their way towards Mauritius again!

Thank you!


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