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Kevins Handy Work and the free trailer

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

The row gets a trailer - Massive thanks to Mark Barac, Avid Hire, Bibra lake

Mark Barac, has been kind enough to lend us the trailer, this is a huge help to us.

A massive thank you to Kevin Rennie for providing his expert skills cutting and welding on a trailer for the boat. Another massive thank you to Mark Barac at Avid Hire in Bibra Lake for the loan of his trailer for the duration of the row, thus allowing us to move the boat from Two Rocks to Bibra Lake and will give us the ability to drive it around Perth for training rows and publicity.

So Kevin and I put in a twelve hour shift, shedding blood sweat and tears working on the trailer by lengthening slightly to ensure it was the correct length for the boat. We expect to move the boat by Friday 1st October.

The boat weighs a little over 750Kg and is 29ft long, finding a trailer to be cost effective was a challenge to thanks to Mark for helping us, top guy.

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