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Meet Allan - Blog post by Steve

Well, the situation out here in the Indian Ocean is that we went back on para-anchor yesterday morning and are likely to remain on it for at least the next 24 hours.

This is a bit of a test of character, as it's not easy to squeeze 2 people in a small cabin - I find I get a very broken sleep pattern and wake up with my joints very stiff - his morning for example, my finger joints took a little warm up before they'd function properly.

Thankfully during the day it's been sunny so we can utilise the deck space too and we still go about the daily tasks of making water etc.

So, a little more about my cabin mate Allan - he's a retired firefighter also. He has a plumbing business that allows him to undertake challenges just like this one - although he assures me this is his last ocean rowing adventure. Al has a great family life and proudly talks of his wife Yvonne and their 2 daughters Grace & Freya regularly and displays their pictures on our cabin bulkhead.

Al undertook a Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge in 2018 as part of a mixed team and they completed it in a record breaking 42 days - ironically, we are at day 42 today and with well over 1000nm to run yet so it's new territory for Al too from now on.

Al is a great team member and uses the wisdom of older years to good effect and liking a chat, he always has a story to tell. He is a very practical guy too, so when things need fixing, Al's your man.

Flying fish provide a source of entertainment still. One flew into a partially open hatch when Al was sleeping the other day, believe me, these things stink. At dusk the other evening, I was watching one skip across the surface with regular 5m intervals and as it passed behind the boat, a tuna leapt from the water to snatch it mid-air.

Entertainment wise, I am trying to introduce Al to mindfulness and play the odd exercise - I also have some audio books and downloaded 20,000 leagues under the Sea and Moby Dick for days such as today.

That's all for today....


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