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Message from sponsor Ben Elton

The crew are delighted to have Ben Elton as a sponsor and received this wonderful email message from him overnight. It really lifted their spirits!

"Hi Guys,

I am currently in London working on a massive production for the London Coliseum however, that is nowhere near the massive venture that you are undertaking. I have watched some of your blogs and been following your bread crumb track. I congratulate you all for taking on this epic voyage and know how much it is appreciated by all those who suffer from Parkinson’s. No doubt hands will be a little blistered by now as will other parts of the body!

Your motivation, enthusiasm and I note your humour on a couple of clips is beyond belief particularly as I see miles and miles of empty sea around you. Keep it going as I know there are many following your progress. I wish you continued fair winds and following seas and if my life in London settles down to a canter rather than a gallop I will try to call you.

Good luck

Ben Elton"

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