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Morning after crossing the halfway mark

"Whoop whoop, we have passed the halfway mark! Steve and Ben were on shift at the time we passed through the mark. Ben asked if everyone should be woken up for this monumental event, it was a no from me!

We have been achieving some really great mileage over the last three days. We are moving West towards Mauritius at around 1° to 1.3° per 20 to 24 hrs, and we still have 28° to go West, plus need to go up latitude to the Northern end of Mauritius.

The seas remain confused, and the nights are pitch black, making it interesting trying to grapple your way through the waves, while trying to keep your bum planted on the rowing seat.

Wildlife remains scarce, in fact everything remains scarce, no ships, it is quite desolate here!

Food trading onboard is rapidly becoming the in thing; coffees for hot chocolates are a high comodity and choccy bars especially. Not for me though, as I usually eat mine well before the end of the day."


"He's a snack raider, we've caught him at it!"


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