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New Garden Ornament!

Arrival of the boat

Today Indi Row 23 collected the boat from storage in Two Rocks. The boat has been stored in Two Rocks for the past twelve months, but today got a new lease of life and made its journey from Two Rocks to Bibra Lake (JFD) via Chris’s house in Mindarie.

Over the past two weeks we have spent the time on the trailer getting it road worthy and lengthened slightly to accommodate the massive length of the boat. We hired a local HIAB Crane Company called Emberson Crane Services, big shout to John for helping us lift the boat onto the trailer. Initially we tried to load it bow first, as you would expect, however the weight is the stern of the boat, so it did not fit well on the trailer. We decided that it fitted better stern first. So, we are going to have more modification to make to the trailer to enable the boat to fit bow first, this will be better for launch and recovery in the long run. Looks like I will be giving Kevin a shout for more welding work!

The plan is to keep at Bibra Lake at Chris’s work (JFD) and carry out some repairs. Unfortunately, during processing by Customs Border Force at Fremantle when the boat arrived in Australia the boat was dropped and sustained some damage to the bow and gunnels. Fortunately, one of my awesome work colleagues (Anth Kowalczyk) is very skilled in boat repairs and he will carry out some repairs on it.

From there we will be showcasing the boat at various locations throughout Perth and rowing it out of Perth on training over the coming months.

Exciting times ahead for Indi Row 23 with collection of the boat and big plans for the future 😊

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