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Passing Cap Malheureux

The crew will soon be approaching Cap Malheureux, passing on the channel between the mainland and Coin de Mire Coin de Mire Island which is also known as Gunners Quoin, or Gunners Point. The shore support crew visited the Cape yesterday, and it is a beautiful spot, although I've just found out that Cap Malheureux translates to “Unfortunate/Unhappy Cape”, due to the numerous ships, which floundered there in the past (I'm not sharing that with the crew!).

On the shore is the distinctive red-roof of the beautiful Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Church.

We have a cameraman for 7News Perth filming here and he is hoping to catch Goldie as it traverses the channel, before heading to Grand Baie Yacht Club to capture their arrival.

Say a prayer for the crew as they pass. The wind and sea conditions are not good, but Chris has said that they have control of the boat and heading in the right direction. They will hit slack water soon before the incoming tide will be running in their favour. <6Nm to go!


Shore Support Crew

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