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Race to the finish!

As we enter what is hopefully the last couple of weeks of the row the race to the finish is well and truly on. The World Record is in reach!

Over the last 4 days the crew have been experiencing some very big seas, but these have been pushing Goldie & the crew in the right direction and I mean REALLY pushing them - their sustained Speed Over Ground (SOG) is higher than at any other segment of the trip.

Comms with the crew has been limited as power has had to be prioritised for essential systems. In the big seas the autopilot has been working in overdrive trying to keep Goldie pointing in the right direction and it's getting warmer, so the crew are drinking more. The desalination plant consumes a lot of power. Also, in the big seas it's been too dangerous to open the cabin doors for longer than necessary as the risk of a big wave coming over the deck and causing a capsize is very real. This why we haven't had any photos or videos to post too.

From now on I will be plotting the distance to destination values as this makes it easier to see how far there is to go. I'll do some more number crunching & analysis over the weekend when I have a few more days data and we can see if the current speed can be sustained. As it stands, we are predicting that they will arrive between day 67 and 71. The record is 68 days so it's going to be a nail-biting race to the finish!


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