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"Race" Update

Updated: May 21

Fellow West Aussie Rob Barton is currently rowing solo from Australia to Africa to raise funds for mental health charities. He set off from Carnarvon a couple of weeks before Goldie and the boys left Geraldton and has made amazing progress, despite suffering from sea sickness and struggling to get enough food and calories down.

In the map above I have marked the relative position of the 2 boats (Goldie is the red dot). Clearly Rob cannot row 24x7, but his boat has a taller cabin so does catch more of the wind. Rob is using leaders in wind forecasting Predict Wind so its great being able to see the wind strength and direction on his tracker. You can see why Goldie has struggled in the last 24 hours. The boys are so close to capturing favourable winds and with expert guidance from our navigation expert Lincoln Dews they should hopefully be speeding on their way again!

Whilst it is not a race it will be interesting to see how the 2 boats fare in to coming weeks...

You can follow Rob's progress and donate via the Rob's Row Facebook page


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