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Rob's Row vs Goldie

If you have been following this blog you will have seen that there are currently 2 boats being rowed across the Indian Ocean from Australia. Rob's Row is a solo effort by West Aussie. Rob Barton. He left Carnarvon a couple of weeks ahead of Goldie's departure from Geraldton. It's been interesting to track and compare both boat's progress and how the mental and physical challenges compare too. (You have to watch Rob's "Wilson video"!)

Obviously being the only rower Rob can't row 24x7 but his boat is smaller & lighter and catches more wind. Also starting further north he has taken a more northerly route and had more favourable winds thus far. As a result, both boats are averaging similar speeds. Rob is currently 1,800km ahead of Goldie and maintaining his head start. Great effort Rob! Still a long way to go though!


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