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Skipper's blog post - Day 57

We have had an excellent few days, really racking up the miles, and we are now approximately 700 nautical miles from Mauritius, and only 350 nautical miles from Rodriguez Island. A strong Easterly wind and following seas helped us make up some ground after 10 days of poor progress due to the Westerly winds we were seeing (not good for rowing).

We are soon approaching Rodriguez Island, and the small Port of Mathurin, a small inlet on the island. The island is situated 350 nautical miles due East of Mauritius. Our course will take us South of the island, and onto Mauritius, we will enter North of Mauritius and into Grand Baie, where we hope there is a cold beer waiting 😀.

The end is in sight for us now, but we must not forget there is still some way to go and we do not yet have the final week's forecast..... 🤞🤞

We have been at sea over 8 weeks, and we certainly look like a bunch of castaways, our beards are in full flow with a mixture of grey and ginger!

We all feel physically great, we have become strong on the oars, and we have been through some dreadful weather conditions, this ocean does not abate, it is the gift that just keeps on giving! The boats stability never fails to impress me, we recently had a 4m following sea and a 4 to 5m swell from the port side (South East), there we one or two moments we thought Goldie may roll! But always she rolls straight back upright. It feels pretty violent in the cabins getting thrown around in the night with hatches shut and no reference.

With thanks to our Silver Sponsor Harbour Services Australia, thanks to Matt Wardle and his team for their support before and during the row, and a special thanks to Bevan for the support and guidance in Geraldton prior to our departure.


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