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Thank you to Volz

Big miles big smiles is the phrase we have used. Not exactly huge miles, however we are consistently achieving at least a degree of longitude to the West daily.

We have 24° of longitude to go to the entry of Grand Baie in Mauritius, which roughly equates to 12-1300 nautical miles.

We are expecting some different winds in the coming days, winds swinging softly to the NE, before tending to the NW. NE we can most likely handle without too much impact to our overall course. However the NW winds may cause us some dramas, looks like the NW wind will be light, we are hopeful that we can use the strong current to overcome the wind without resorting to the para anchor, time will tell! We are also now on the latitude for entry to Grand Baie, but expect to loose some ground to the South with the NE winds.

I would like to pass on a thank you to Tim Poidevin at Volz, thank you for the support Tim. Reece has been pretty quiet this trip so far 😀.

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