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Row an Ocean again, the Wife will kill me

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

It was an opportunity not to turn down, even if the missus won't speak to me for a while!

Blog by the Skipper Chris

I met Billy (Darren Taylor) in 2018 when Billy and his team arrived in Western Australia ready for a row across the Indian Ocean to raise awareness of Parkinson's Disease.

I recall feeling a little envious that I was not part of their amazing crossing.

Parkinson's Disease is close at heart for our family. MY Wives Mum was diagnosed in 2006 with Parkinson's disease, the impact on the family was profound.

As Billy and his team were doing their challenge for the same cause I got as involved as I could with Billy and his team during their preparation, it looked an amazing challenge to do and after completing the Atlantic Ocean row in 2011 with my Brother I enjoyed being involved in a small part of their prep work.

Billy left Geraldton in July 2018 (after a night on the drink in Gero!) they finished their crossing in 70 days. Fast forward to 2021 and Billy had shipped a second boat to Australia ready for another crossing, this time rowing to Mainland Africa from Geraldton. But due to something about a virus, stupid COVID! They have not been able to enter Australia, luck would have it their boat remains in Aus and ready to row :-) So Indi Row 23 was born!

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