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Week 3 Stats

Updated: Jun 4

Note: the above dashboard has been updated 4/6/23 as the distance to Mauritius calculation was incorrect in the original. The crew are now more than a third of the way there!

The team are now into week 4 of the row having completed an impressive 1,724km (931Nm) since leaving Geraldton 21 days ago. Progress has slowed in the last 24 hours as whilst the wind has been in their favour, the currents have not. A long way to go - previous crossings by other crews have taken 45 days for the first half and 25 for the second! Chris & Allan who have both rowed the Atlantic Ocean previously, have commented how much tougher & unpredictable the Indian Ocean is. Not just bigger seas, but waves coming from all directions at times. They describe it as like being in a washing machine! Keep at it team. Awesome effort!


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