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Week 4 Stats

The crew have now completed 4 weeks of rowing 24x7 and are fast approaching the halfway mark with less than 2,000Nm to go, a remarkable achievement!

At their current average speed they have approx. 6 weeks and 3 days to go 1,975Nm/1.83knots/24hrs/7days. However, they have been battling bad weather & unfavourable currents which has slowed progress on a couple of occasions with the parachute anchor needing to be deployed.

With previous crossings the second half has often been much quicker. Also Goldie is getting lighter as they eat their way through the rations. Their pace has picked up over the last 36hrs and the record is still very much on. Their average Speed Over Ground (SOG) needs to be close to 2 so over the next couple of weeks we will see if they can sustain this.

Still a long way to go, but your donations and messages of support are much appreciated and a strong motivator for the crew. Thank you!


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