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Week 6 stats update

The crew had really picked up speed in the last week with favourable winds and current and the record looked to be in sight. However, a northerly wind and north-south current have hampered progress in the last couple of days, with the parachute anchor deployed and the crew going backwards. They can still potentially make up this time if the weather and current becomes favourable again.

The red line on the chart above indicates the 2 knots that they need to average to break the record. If the chart looks a little different from previous versions it is because I removed an erroneous data point from when the tracker was having issues as it was skewing the Y-axis. This does not affect the Av Speed Over Ground (SoG) calculation as this is simply Nautical Miles travelled/Hours rowed.

The map below shows their position. We can finally see both Perth and Mauritius on the map, but it also highlights how they really are in the middle of nowhere!


Shore Support Crew

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