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Week 7 - Stats Update

It's fair to say the last week has been a challenge for the crew - mentally not physically. After the euphoria of passing the halfway mark the previous week unfavourable winds and current meant that they were unable to row for a few days and had to deploy the para-anchor. Even now they have been back on the oars for a couple of days, progress has been slow - the weather has been idyllic, and we have got some amazing photos and footage (see below), but it just shows the impact that the current and even a light breeze has. I think given the choice the crew would rather have rougher seas with wind and current driving them towards Mauritius, but at least they are just about to cross the 2/3rds mark!

This graph shows their average Speed Over Ground (SoG) by week and illustrates what a challenging week this has been. On the best weeks the crew have averaged around 2.5knots, but this week it was just 1.35 knots.

I wanted to end on a more positive note. The favourable TradeWinds are forecast to return in the coming days so the crew should hopefully pick up speed and a cold beer from Indian Ocean Brewing (based at The Marina Mindarie ), will be getting ever closer! Finally, here's some beautiful footage of rowing at sunrise and photo showing an amazing flat Indian Ocean!


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