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Week 9 Stats - The Final Countdown

Updated: Jul 13

As I write this the crew are passing approximately 60Nm south of Rodrigues. This will be the closest point to civilisation since leaving Geraldton 2 months ago!

Over the last 12 days they have made fantastic progress - indeed this has been the fastest leg of the trip so far.

They have currently slowed as the wind has dropped, but this is just the calm before the storm as very strong winds are forecast over the next week. (see the animation below). Fortunately these are mostly from the East and South-East so will be driving them in the right direction!

So this leaves the question: "when will the crew arrive? The data is suggesting Thur/Fri next week as the most likely window, If they are able to take full advantage of the wind then Wed is an outside possibility; and it could be Saturday, Bev's birthday!

As they get closer I'll provide more updates and of course the tracker above provides 2 hourly pings. Given the forecast conditions and the need to prioritise power for the autopilot and water maker (it's getting hot now) I am not expecting too many more photos/videos from the crew.


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