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Why the Extra Dots?

So the more observant amongst you may be wondering why there are extra dots on map when the tracker is set to only ping every 2hrs.

On the first day we had 3 collision alarms. They caused the support crew some panic as we couldn't contact the crew - the Starlink connection they have provides amazing connectivity, but they have to ration its usage as it sucks the power. Eventually made contact and the crew and boat were fine so put this down to large waves hitting the boat and have adjusted the sensitivity.

The second cluster on day 2 were simply that the boat was not moving very fast as strong headwinds and battling the Leeuwin Current meant the crew deployed the parachute anchor and rested up in the cabins waiting for conditions to improve.

The third cluster this morning was because the duress alarm had been activated accidentally by Chris "using the bucket" and leaning on it. Fortunately, Ben noticed fairly quickly and messaged us to say all was OK and followed up with a 6:20am WhatsApp call to myself and Chris' wife Donna to tell us they were fine. That must have been some dump Chris is all I can say!

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