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Witches' Cauldron lives up to its name!

As Goldie and the boys approach the northern coastline of Mauritius the Witches' Cauldron is living up to its name. Chris called an hour a go to let us know that he has spoken with the coastguard and they are on standby to escort them in, and if they get into difficulties and ask for help, intervene. The latter is a very last resort as if they go under tow it invalidates the unsupported status and it will not be an official crossing according to Ocean Rowing Society rules.

Hopefully when they get in the lee of the islands the sea will calm and current will be more of a factor - it is 1hr 45min until low tide and the incoming tide will assist them in their final few miles. We are expecting another call from Chris at around 8am local time (60mins) and will be providing regular updates as they get closer. Currently 8Nm to go!


Shore Support Crew

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