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Indi Row 23 are teaming up with the Perron Institute to carry out research, Parkinson's disease is the main reason, however the Indi Row 23 team will be engaging in DNA profiling and diary logging during the crossing to help research into mental health and depression. 

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Ocean Plastics 

It is estimated that by 2050 the ratio of plastic to fish by weight will be 1:1. That’s one tonne of plastic for every 1 tonne of fish.

Indi row 23 is partnered with Plymouth marine laboratory and the University of Western Australia. We will be gathering research data during our crossing by collecting water samples and taking photographs of the ocean surface every 5 seconds. A.I. will then be used to identify the amount and types of plastics we encounter to give both organisations a better understanding of the problems that we are facing today to provide a holistic approach to a solution.

Plastic Bag in Ocean


If you have Young Onset Parkinson's Disease and would like to join the row please get in touch

+61 448971361

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