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The Boat - "Goldie"

The boat is 29ft long and a little under 6ft wide, constructed of carbon composite fibre, it is pretty state of the art when it comes to Ocean Rowing Boats! 


Video live streaming

The boat is equipped with Starlink satellite communications with the ability to live stream video to shore! The boat has a host of electronics from VHF radio to a GPS plotter, it even has a stereo to keep the crew motivated when rowing 


Living Onboard

The crew will be rowing in pairs and will be running on a shift pattern of two hours rowing followed by 2 hours resting for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From the second the crews push off until they next set foot on dry land, the boat will be everything to them. They will either be rowing, or they will be in the tiny cabin at the back of the boat which is about two thirds the size of a double bed!

Inside this they will rest, cook, eat, sleep navigate, communicate with the outside world and each other, patch up any injuries, write blogs and film vlogs, carry out any equipment repairs…in fact the only thing that they won’t be doing is in the cabin is going to the toilet. This is an alfresco affair that bears a striking resemblance to a bucket on deck because it is a bucket on deck. Lovely when it’s sunny and calm but try to imagine yourself balanced atop said bucket when there are howling winds and towering waves crashing on deck…


Our boat has been designed to self right in the event of a capsize, housekeeping and maintenance of the ballast (Emergency drinking water) in the boat is key to ensuring that in the event of a capsize the boat will self right.  The video is of Rossiter Yachts in the UK inversion testing the same design of boat. 


Self-Righting Craft

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